High competition sports require the body to be balanced and at 100% of his potential.

Athletes are exposed to a very high physical, chemical and emotional demand. When they are not perfectly balanced, reach the goal becomes a really difficult task.

A body in balance can perform more, that is why elite athletes rely on Chiropractic care. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt and so on… There are so many athletes that are under chiropractic care regularly with the purpose of improving not only on a physical level but also in their results when their spine and nervous system are free of interferences. These athletes include chiropractic care within their performance optimization regime.

It has been demonstrated in research that chiropractic care improves the perception of our body in space, the communication between the body and the brain and the ability to control the muscles in general.1,2 

In other words the chiropractic treatment is responsible for the balance, the reactivity, the muscle strength and control improvement. As a consequence the risk of injuries and the development of muscle fatigue are reduced.3

These results have been shown not only on elite athletes but also on the general public. There in no need to be professionals to take advantage of chiropractic care!

No pilot would race without regular checkups of his car. The proper function of the vehicle depends on those. For the same reason we should take care of our spine to reduce the risks of injuries and enjoy of a healthy spine.

In my carreer I took care of professional and amateur athletes from the very beginning. During my chiropractic preceptorship training in 2015, I had the opportunity to shadow the AC Milan chiropractor and during my experience in Dublin I took care of several Brazilian JiuJitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Art (MMA) fighters.


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