Is it dangerous to go to the chiropractor?

Chiropractic is SAFE, you just need to make sure that you find a real chiropractor. Doctor Damiano Costa is a REAL chiropractor, a healthcare professional that has obtained his degree after a full time university training in chiropractic at the Madrid College of Chiropractic, an institution accredited by the official European chiropractic education accrediting body called the European Council on Chiropractic Education.

Thanks to such high quality education, Doctor Costa can perform a proper evaluation, identify potential risks or contraindications to the adjustments and plan together with the patient, the best strategy to solve his/her issues.

As all the other REAL chiropractors, Doctor Costa has full knowledge about chiropractic in all its technicalities.


 What chiropractors care the most about is the safety of the people they take care of.

 Unfortunately in Italy to this day there are a lot of professionals that claim to be chiropractors without having completed the university training of a real chiropractor. Others even claim to be able to execute "chiropractic manouvres" learned during a weekend. These people are jeopardizing the safety of who trusts them.

In Italy right now the Association of Italian Chiropractors is the only reliable source to find out who is a real chiropractor and who is not.

Is it gonna hurt? 

The adjustment is a natural, non invasive and painless procedure. At the beginning it's necessary to perform a specific evaluation of every patient to figure out which adjustment is the most appropriate. Not everyone reacts well with the same adjustment and for it to be painless, we must know how, when, where and why to do it.

How long does a visit take?

It depends on what visit, normally the first and second one last longer than the next ones. A first visit can last up to 1 hour meanwhile a checkup normally takes around 15 minutes. The duration depends on how the patient feels, how he/she responds to the adjustments and how many adjustments he/she can handle in one session.

I would like to clarify that duration and amount of adjustments per visit do not define its value. The principle "less is more" applies here, in fact many times few adjustments at the right time and place are more effective than long unspecific treatments.

Once I start going to the chiropractor, do I have to go forever?

My goal is to help my patients to be independent from me for their health. As soon as we find out what's not working and we remove the cause of the problem, most of the time the symptoms disappear and the patient is free to go back to his/her normal life without needing to come see me that often.

I always encourage my patients to come see me from time to time to ensure that their brain and body are well connected. In the end we have to deal with gravity and not always we manage to keep the right posture all the time nor we can always avoid traumas. 

As we go to the dentist regularly for dental hygene and check-up, so we should go to the chiropractor regularly for our spine alignement.

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Damiano Costa - chiropractor and physiotherapist

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