The pregnancy is that wonderful period when the woman’s body suffers major changes: structural, hormonal and emotional. It does that to create the best environment for the baby to grow inside the womb and to prepare itself to the delivery. That’s why during the pregnancy the ligament laxity increases, the ligaments that support our joints become more elastic so the joints are more flexible. All of that is due to the increased production during pregnancy of many different hormones like relaxin, progesterone, estrogens, etc.



A lot of complaints that were often present before the pregnancy appear or increase during the gestation (sciatic pain, low back pain, pubalgia, breathing problems… etc).

A lot of times the babies are not in the right position because the mother has an imbalance in her pelvis. It can also happen that the delivery does not happen normally because the mother’s pelvis misses the proper position or it does not move properly.

Correcting this imbalance could help to restore the proper orientation of the fetus in the womb.

Chiropractic can help the future moms to deal with annoying conditions that are affecting their health.



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