What is it?

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that takes care of people. Its main goal is to help them recover and maintain their health naturally, without using pills. The World Health Organisation defines health as a state of complete phyisical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

How does it work?

Let's start from the beginning.

Our existence depends on the nervous system (brain and nerves), the control centre of all the functions of our body.

Thanks to it we are able to interact with the environment therefore survive. In fact the brain receives real time information about what is happening around us and inside of our body. The nerves are in charge of transferring this information. These groups of nerve cells are activated by certain stimuli  generating impulses that travel from the outside in and viceversa passing through the spine. Ones the signal has arrived, the brain has to elaborate the input and send out a response that will be manifested through actions that will ensure our survival. The heart beat, the breath, digestion and movement are examples of the functions regulated by the brain consciously or unconsciously.

One of the components of our body that affects the nervous system the most is the spine. In fact it's where the periferral nervous system connects with the central nervous system, in other words it's where the impulses that come to and leave from the brain are integrated.

In an ideal state in which our nervous system is 100% active nad our spine works properly without interferences, the body is abla to heal itself activating chemical processes that will serve to maintain the physiological state of balance, also known as homeostasis.

Unfortunately, not all of us lives in an ideal world and gravity affects us all. Due to physical traumas, stress, bad postures and much more, the movement of our spine decays and that degenerates our nerves function. If we do not acknowledge and face this decay, it could led to pain and other issues in multiple areas of the body.

The chiropractor is the GO-TO healthcare specialist to stop this degenerative process of the spine and improve global mobility with the goal of reducing pain and let people live a normal life with no annoying restrictions.

The chiropractor has to evaluate the body, if and when necesary take action to remove the interferences that are not allowing the person to keep his/her good health and help patients to acknowledge and remove the causes.


What does a chiropractor actually do?

As the word suggests (kiros = hands, praxis = action), the chiropractor acts primarily with his/her hands on multiple areas of the body, mainly the spine. He/she uses a unique procedure that differentiates him/her from other healthcare professionals, the chiropractic adjustment. There are multiple ways of adjusting and there are specific adjustments for each and every person.

One of the aspects that makes the adjustment so unique is its specificity. In fact, before every adjustment a meticulous evaluation is needed. Tests and exams to determine if, where, when, how and why to adjust. On top of that there is a lot technical details of the manouvre itself that have to be applied for the adjustment to be really specific.

That's why it takes a minimum of 5 years of full-time university level studies in an internationally accredited institution to become a chiropractor. That means thousands of hours of theorical and practical study.


Why would someone go to the chiropractor?

Chiropractic is a non-invasive, safe and efficient solution. Whatever you need, pain reliefphysical stress managementimproving the health status or the performance, Doctor Costa is here to help you!

The benefits of chiropractic are scientifically demonstrated and the voice of thousands of patients around the world speaks for itself. As one of the most famous promoters of chiropractic said "Chiropractic like gravity, works whether you believe it or not".

Finally, chiropractic helps people to re-gain control of their health through a process of recovery of the functions of the body and of acknowledgment and ownership of their own health.


Who can benefit from chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is for everybody! As said earlier, there is no one on the planet that can avoid stress, physical damages, bad postures, the negative effects of gravity and so on. Thanks to chiropractic the ability to adapt and heal increases greatly in everyone who tried it. The most common conditions that people seek a chiropractor for are back pain, neck pain, headaches, vertigo, sciatica, etc.

Are you curious to know if chiropractic can help you?

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Do you still have questions?

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