Chiropractic gives the opportunity to the elderly to stay active and to keep enjoying their everyday life with complete independence.

Regular chiropractic care for elderly patients is beneficial for different reasons1:

  • To improve balance
  • To reduce the risk of falls
  • To reduce symptoms eg, pain or stiffness
  • To increase your quality of life
  • To cut down medications and visits to the hospital
  • To decrease chronic diseases
  • To help maintain physical activity and the independence.


Moreover, it has been shown that chiropractic care improves the perception of the body in space (in other words the bodies balance) and reduces the risk of falls in elderly patients.2


A lot of people relate chiropractic with popping bones, which makes them think that it is a very aggressive and dangerous approach for the elderly. Chiropractic has many gentle options for treatment that have been proven to increase healthy in the elderly. Chiropractic care respects the natural physiology of the body, adapting itself to the individual needs of each person.


Chiropractic allows you to enjoy this stage of your life, adding a better quality of life to your years.


1- This information has been taken from research done by the Rand Corporation in 1996 in a U.S. geriatric hospital with patients older than 75 years old. This research compares evolution of elderly patients that received chiropractic care in the last three years with similar patients who did not receive chiropractic care.

2- Haavik H. The reality Check. 2014. Chapter 10. Page 80-84

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